Steve Hyams - Feather And A Tomahawk

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Steve Hyams- Feather And A Tomahawk

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Treat Yourself Right - Bethlehem Steel - Feather And A Tomahawk - Chasin Money -
Eldorado - Never Judge A Man (Until You're Standing In His Shoes) - In The Morning -
One For The Bride - The Hard Way - Blue Guitar - Lying In The Dark - Do It Again -
Cold Comfort - Dig

Bang up to date, a contemporary rock album from the talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Hyams. Steve became involved with the latter-day Mott (Mott The Hoople) and his first solo album is also available on Angel Air.

Featuring Ray Majors (Mott/British Lions),the wonderful bass guitar of Mac MacCaffrey, the superbly versatile Carlton T West and the vocal talents of Jennifer Banks, this is an excellent album covering a range of styles from the Fleetwood Mac-ish "Treat Yourself Right", the rock and roll of "Bethlehem Steel" to the funk of "Chasin' Money" and "Dig", to the sublime "Lying In The Dark" - one of the standouts.
Strongly recommended.

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