Atomic Rooster- The First 10 Explosive Years

Atomic Rooster

Follow the angel...


Sleeping For Years - Seven Streets - I Can't Take No More - Taken You Over - Lost In Space -
Play It Again - Devils Answer (Live) - Rebel With A Clause - Night Living - Death Walks Behind You -
It's So Unkind - When You Go To Bed - Head In The Sky - Break The Ice - Play The Game -
Tomorrow Night (live)

Atomic Rooster are one of the great progressive rock bands of the early seventies. Formed around organ player Vincent Crane and drummer Carl Palmer  (later with ELP), who broke away from The Crazy Of The World Of Arthur Brown, they released their eponymous debut album in 1969.

With Vincent Crane's expressive Hammond playing , John (Du) Cann's riffy style and Paul Hammond's solid bass Atomic Rooster enjoyed a couple of "hit" singles "Devils Answer" and "Tomorrow Night". They became badged as a sort of satanic rock band with lyrics that alluded to sorcery and the devil.

It was in 1973 that Crane sacked Du Cann and subsequently Hammond left the band. Both departees formed Bullet (later called Hard Stuff) who debuted on Purple Records and Du Cann later replaced Gary Moore in Thin Lizzy. Atomic Rooster never quite recovered in spite of a revival in the late-seventies when the "classic" line-up reformed. However, the influence of punk/ new wave is evident on the later recordings featured on this CD.

This definitive Angel Air release has been compiled by John Du Cann and features comprehensive liner notes and his own guide to each track. Several tracks feature Angel Air regular John McCoy on bass.

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