Mick Ralphs- Take This!

Mick Ralphs- Take This!

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All It Takes - Hey Baby - Take This - Give You My Love - Fast Travelling Man - On The Run -
Last Chance Saloon - Rock Fever - When The Revolution Comes - Another Lonely Day

Rock N Roller (previously unreleased) - All Across The Nile (previously unreleased) -
All It Takes (Working Mix) - Give You My Love (Working Mix) - On The Run (Working Mix) -
Last Chance Saloon (Working Mix) - When The Revolution Comes (Working Mix) -
Another Lonely Day (Demo) - Rock N Roller (Working Mix) - All Across The Nile (Working Mix)

Mick Ralphs is perhaps best-known as the guitarist-songwriter with Mott The Hoople and Bad Company. He first teamed up with future Motts Pete Overend Watts and Stan Tippins in 1964, as part of the beat combo "The Buddies". This subsequently developed into the Doc Thomas Group, with another future Mott Dale Griffin. This early history is featured in the liners to another Angel Air release "Doc Thomas Group " The Italian Job and "The Silence " Shotgun Eyes.

"The Silence", with Verden Allen on keyboards, essentially became Mott The Hoople fronted by Ian Hunter in 1969. Mick Ralphs co-wrote some of Mott's most memorable material. After several years success, in 1973 Mick left to form Bad Company with ex-Free vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke. Bad Company was a huge commercial success and spawned several hit singles and albums in both the UK and the States. Once again, Mick Ralphs co-wrote much of the material as well as contributing tasteful and always understated guitar.

After Bad Company folded in 1983, Mick Ralphs released "Take This!" on Rock Machine Records but the album went largely unnoticed. The line-up on this album includes Simon Kirke, bass player Mickey Feat and B.J.Cole on pedal steel. Now on Angel Air, the album has been digitally remastered with the inclusion of several bonus tracks and alternate mixes. As always, there are comprehensive and authoritative liner notes with photographs from Mick Ralph's own collection.

Since 1984, when "Take This!" was recorded, Mick has contributed his talents to many recording sessions and in 1995 was involved in the reformed Bad Company. Most recently he has been engaged in the preparation of a definitive Bad Company boxed set scheduled for release in 1999.

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