Verden Allen CD

Verden Allen

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Long Time No See - Son Of The Wise Ones - Death May Be Your Santa Claus -
Fine Time To Love - Soft Ground - This Way Now - Wine Ridden Talks -
Hold On To This - Come On Back - Small Change - Knocking On Those Old Back Doors -
About Tomorrow - Carry On - The Refrain

Hypnotized - Two Miles From Heaven - The Chunnel Train

Verden Allen is best known for his keyboard playing with one of rock's most influential groups - Mott The Hoople. This collection of solo tracks features previously unreleased work with The Cheeks, precursor of The Pretenders (and featuring James Honeyman-Scott and Martin Chambers) and contributions by Pete "Overend" Watts and Dale "Buffin" Griffin. The latter two musicians played in the Mott prototype The Doc Thomas Group with Mick Ralphs. This developed into The Silence who signed with Guy Stevens and the Island label in May 1969.

(This period is fully documented on the complementary Angel Air release - SJPCD 020).

Verden Allen's playing was always a characteristic part of Mott The Hoople's sound, but it wasn't until the band's fourth and final Island album "Brain Capers" that he made his songwriting debut. In addition to the reworked Mott material, this album features Verden's 90s band Thunderbuck Ram.

"Long Time No See" first appeared as a 14-track collection in 1994 for distribution at gigs and through a mail order company. Now with three bonus songs it stands as an exciting account of an influential and talented keyboard player.

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