Warhorse:Red Sea

Warhorse: Red Sea

Follow the angel...


Red Sea - Back In Time - Confident But Wrong - Feeling Better - Sybilla -
Mouthpiece - I (Who Have Nothing)

Ritual (live) - Bad Time (demo) - She Was My Friend (demo) - Gypsy Dancer - House Of Dolls -
Standing Right Behind You (demo)


For their second album Warhorse featured guitarist Peter Parks who had joined them prior to a European tour in 1971. The band's contract with Phonogram/Vertigo ended, however, shortly after the release of "Red Sea". Two of the band, Ashley Holt and Barney James(who had replaced Mac Poole), left to join Rick Wakeman and this in effect was the end of Warhorse.

In 1979 Nick Simper made a comeback with the band Fandango.

"Red Sea" is an equal companion to the first album: redolent of the era of progressive rock but with a heavy edge and some great organ work.


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