Warhorse: Warhorse

Warhorse: Warhorse

Follow the angel...


Vulture Blood - No Chance - Burning - St.Louis - Ritual - Solitude - Woman Of The Devil

Ritual (live) - Miss Jane (demo) - Solitude (live) - Woman Of The Devil (live) - Burning (live)

Warhorse's first album was released in November 1970 on the Vertigo "swirl" label. The band had been formed in 1970 around the bass player Nick Simper who was one of the founder members of Deep Purple.  He was joined by guitarist Ged Peck and drummer Mac Poole who had  both played with Simper in Marsha Hunt's backing band. On vocals, Ashley Holt was an old friend of Simper's and had actually auditioned for Deep Purple as early as 1968. Frank Wilson on keyboards completed this line-up.

The bonus tracks on this CD include Warhorse's demo from April 1970, "Miss Jane", and live versions of some of the album tracks.

The music of Warhorse sums up early-Seventies heavy rock with echoes of Purple, Sabbath and early Yes.


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