Krokus - Round 13

Krokus - Round 13

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Heya - Money Back - Break Free - Guitar Rules - Blood Comes Easy - Suck My Guitar - Gipsy Love - Whitchhunt - Backstabber - Wild Times

Krokus was formed in Switzerland in the mid-1970's and had several album successes in the 1980s, including "Hardware", "One Vice At A Time" and "Headhunter" which went platinum in the US. At the same time the band was touring constantly, demonstrating their ability to riff aggressively and create hard-rock excitement.

Now original member and founder Fernando von Arb has put together the latest, contemporary version of the band which includes longstanding friends Many Maurer on bass, Peter Hass on drums and Chris Lauper (second guitar). Former Persian Risk frontman Carl Sentance is on vocals.

This is the thirteenth release in the Krokus saga and this exclusive Angel Air release includes a complete discography of the band in the liner notes. If you like your rock hard and contest.

The Round 13 tour commences in the UK in October 1999 and afterwards takes the band to Germany and Switzerland. "Round 13" the CD is perfectly complemented by the other Krokus release on Angel Air,
"Stampede/To Be Or Not To Be" (SJPCD042).

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