Mott The Hoople - Live 71/72

Mott The Hoople - All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia Live 71/72

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CD1 Long Red - The Original Mixed Up Kid - Walking With A Mountain - Laugh At Me - Thunderbuck Ram - Keep A Knockin'
Recorded live at The Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden on 16 February 1971

CD2 Introduction - Jerkin' Crocus - Sucker - Hymn For The Dudes - Ready For Love - Sweet Jane - Sea Diver - Sweet Angeline - One Of The Boys - Midnight Lady - All The Young Dudes - Honky Tonk Women
Recorded live at The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, USA on 29 November 1972

This official double CD set of Mott The Hoople concert recordings at long last breaches an obvious gap in their illustrious discography. Mott The Hoople's tenure with Island Records  and later CBS produced some classic and widely influential albums but no live recordings. By general consensus the band were at their best live and during the early seventies they became a huge concert attraction.

The first CD was originally taped by a local FM radio station when Mott were on a six date Swedish tour with Fairport Convention and includes material from their first three studio albums. The second CD from a U.S. performance in 1972 marked something of a renaissance for the band after they split in March 1972 and rescue by David Bowie and his management company Mainman. Bowie also offered them a classic song "All The Young Dudes" (featured here) and on this, their first headlining U.S. concert, he introduced and accompanied the group on two encores.

Mott The Hoople achieved their greatest commercial success between 1972 and December 1974. They have subsequently been cited as major influences by some of rock music's biggest names including Queen, Def Leppard, The Clash and Oasis.

This exclusive Angel Air album is released with the full cooperation of the band and features extensive liner notes and photographs. It follows renewed interest in Mott The Hoople by the music press and the release of a biography and 3-CD boxed set by Sony Music.

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