Freedom- Black On White


Follow the angel...


To Be Free - The Better Side - Attraction-Black On White/With You - The Butt Of Deception -
The Truth Is Plain To See - Childhood Reflections - Seeing Is Believing - You Won't Miss - Born Again -
Decidedly Man - Relation - We Say No - The Game Is Over


The Better Side (working mix) - The Butt Of Deception (working mix) - Born Again (dry version)

The album Black And White was in fact the soundtrack to the Dino de Laurentis film "Attraction/ Black On White" released in 1968. Sometimes called "the great lost Procul Harum Album" it featured two ex-members Ray Royer (guitar) and Bobby Harrison (drums). They were joined for the recording by session player Mike Lease (keyboards) who had played on Beverley Martin's album with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Completing this line-up was Steve Shirley (bass, lead vocal).

Freedom actually appeared in the film, apparently naked save for their instruments. Asked by a music paper whether they would repeat this stunt on stage, guitarist Ray Royer said "...I'd strip off if I wanted to, but it would have to be spontaneous. This Saturday maybe."

The album, released here from an original quarter-track master tape, had only a limited release in Italy. It appears on CD for the first time with several bonus tracks. Unusually for a soundtrack album it stands up to closer scrutiny as a cohesive entity and is a minor classic of late-sixties psychedelia.

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