Mott - Live Over Here And Over There 75-76

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Mott: Live Over Here And Over There '75/'76

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CD1: "HERE" Storm - The Great White Wail - Collision Course - Hold On, You're Crazy - She Does It - Storm - Career - Love Me Two Times - Medley: I Don't Want To Discuss It/ All The Way From Memphis

CD2: "THERE" By Tonight - Born Late '58 - The Great White Wail - She Does It - Love Now - Medley: It Takes One To Know One/Sweet Jane/Violence - All The Young Dudes - By Tonight - The Great White Wail - Medley: Rock 'N' Roll Queen/ It Takes One To Know One/ Sweet Jane

As Dale Griffin points out in the entertaining and extensive liner notes "we've come up with the four-and-only extant and "kosher" live recordings of 1975-76 Mott gigs..." CD1 is taken from two gigs in the UK, one at the Friar's Club in Aylesbury and the other at the Polytechnic, Leeds. On the second CD there is a concert from the L.A. Forum in December 1975 and one from Cleveland, Ohio.

Mott were formed from the ashes of Mott The Hoople following the well-publicised split of Hunter/Ronson in December 1974. This left Dale Griffin (drums.backing vocals), Overend Watts (bass,vocals) and Morgan Fisher (piano, organ) who were then joined by guitarist Ray Major and vocalist Nigel Benjamin.

During their two year existence Mott released two Top 40 albums but no live recordings. This omission is remedied with this two-CD Angel Air release which is accompanied by a 16-page booklet. Essential purchase for the legions of Mott fans and those just discovering this important and influential rock band.

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