Ian Gillan Band - Live At The Rainbow

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Ian Gillan Band - Live At The Rainbow

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Clear Air Turbulence - Money Lender - Child In Time - Smoke On The Water - Woman From Tokyo
Twin Exhausted

In April 1977, Ian Gillan Band had released the album "Clear Air Turbulence" which marked an altogether different direction for Ian Gillan melding as it did jazz, rock and funk influences. That album is well-documented on a companion Angel Air release, "The Rockfield Mixes". Ironically, this change of tack has given the late-70s albums enhanced durability, contrasting with the expected heavy rock slant which can sometimes sound dated two decades later.

It was on 14 May 1977 in front of a packed house at the Rainbow Theatre in London that Ian Gillan Band performed one of their most memorable live gigs. Until now, that performance has remained in the vaults. Featured musicians: Ian Gillan, Colin Towns, keyboards, Ray Fenwick, guitar
John Gustafson, bass and Mark Nauseef, drums

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