Hardin & York - Live in the 70s

Hardin & York - Live In The 70s

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Freedom Suite - (i) Freedom Shuffle(ii) Like A Rolling Stone - I Care For You - The Pike Rides Again
Find Myself Again - Everyone I Know - Paris
- My Only Friend Will Leave Me In The End
Where Are You Now? - If There's Not YouClose Of Play - Where I'm Gonna Sleep Tonight

Eddie Hardin replaced Stevie Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group in 1967. As it turned out, he stayed for one album "With Their New Faces On", and then left the band with long standing drummer Peter York. Within months the duo had formed Hardin & York "The World's Smallest Big Band".

The concert featured on this CD at London's Marquee Club in the early 70s presents the duo at the peak of their career. In addition, there are some never-released-before recordings from European radio sessions.  

With the Hammond organ receiving something of a revival in recent years here is a marvellous chance to hear some first-rate Hammond C3 bashing, but also some soulful ballads. Other musicians featured include Keef Hartley, trumpet, and Ray Fenwick, guitar.

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