Ray Fenwick - Keep America Beautiful...

Ray Fenwick - Keep America Beautiful...

Follow the angel...

Stateside - Pt1 Mr Straight - Pt2 The American Way - Pt3 Jesus Saves - Anniversary
I Wanna Stay Here - City Ride -The Dream - Pt1 The Exotic Escape - Pt2 The Working Man's Dream Pt3 Nightmare - Pt4 Reality - Back USA - The New Temple Turnpike

Your Man - Groupie - Stone Song - Back USA(Instrumental version) - Blues Never Gonna

Ray Fenwick has been active in the music scene over four decades, an ace session player who has also given his gift to such bands as Spencer Davis Group, Fancy, Ian Gillan Band and, in Holland, Tee Set and After Tea.

Ray's first solo album from 1971 featuring  musician friends B.J.Cole, Mick Grabham, Eddie Hardin, Robert Eduard, Dee Murray, Roger Pope, Peter York, Hans Vermuelen, Caleb Quayle and Nigel Olsson.

You can hear more of Ray's work on the Angel Air releases "The Guitar Orchestra", "Ian Gillan Band: Rockfield Mixes", "Eddie Hardin's Wizards Convention 2", "Musicians Union Band", "Tee Set : 24 Carat Gold", "Ian Gillan Band: Live At The Rainbow" and "Eddie Hardin's Wind In The Willows Rock Concert"

Ray Fenwick

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