Bobby Harrison - Solid Silver

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Bobby Harrison - Solid Silver

Follow the angel...

It's Over - The Hunter - Icelandic Rock & Roll - Overload - Nothing Stays The Same
Hot Stuff - Guiding Light - Highway/Victim Of Love - The Shape I Am In - Get On The Right Track
After The Storm - Oh Pretty Woman - It's Over(Radio version)

Bobby Harrison was Procol Harum's original drummer, the founding member of Freedom and lead singer of Snafu. In the eighties he recorded a classic R & B album with Icelandic jazz-funk outfit Mezzoforte. This first to CD release contains five bonus tracks not included on the original album.

Bobby Harrison recalls: "It was all done very basically, very "first-take" etc. I think we recorded the whole of that album in three days flat. It was done at a really good studio in Reykjavik..."

The combination of Mezzoforte's gritty funk approach with Harrison's raw, urban rhythm and blues voice creates some great versions of  R & B standards in addition to several originals.

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