Wizards Convention 2

Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 2

Follow the angel...

Hot Head Of Steam - Zermatitus Blues - Happening All The Time - Someone Sings - Talking Ain't Cheap
Try A Little Tenderness - Sultana - Brickmaker Blues - Can't Let You Go - I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
As Long As I Still Have You - Before We Say Goodbye - Lucille  - What A Way To Spend A Day

Recorded in 1995, this project features a "who's who" of British rock with contributions from Ray Fenwick, Tony Ashton, Debbie Bonham, Mike D'Abo, John Entwistle, Chris Farlowe, Mo Foster, Eddie Hardin, Paul Jones, Denny Laine, Phil Manzanera, Chris Thompson, Zak Starkey and Snowy White.

History was created with Paul Jones and Mike D'Abo dueting together on the song "Here I Go Again" - both Manfred Mann vocalists singing together for the first time!

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