John Gustafson - Goose Grease

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John Gustafson - Goose Grease

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John Gustafson's story goes right back to the beginnings of British beat and rock. As a member of The Big Three John played alongside The Beatles at the famous Cavern Club. He also performed with The MerseybeatsEpisode Six and Quatermass the legendary ground-breaking band he formed with Mick Underwood and J.Peter Robinson.

During the 70s he worked with Roxy Music and various projects including Roger Glover's "Butterfly Ball". John's then featured in the mid-decade incarnation of The Ian Gillan Band with Ray Fenwick, Mark Nauseef and Mike Moran, replaced shortly after by Colin Towns.

"Goose Grease" was recorded in 1975 and features the cream of session musicians with whom John had previously worked - Mike Moran, B.J.ColeMark Warner (later Quantum Jump), Barry Desouza, Ann Odell, Tony Hymas, Jeff Daly and Henry Lowther.

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