The Rockfield Mixes

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Ian Gillan Band - The Rockfield Tapes

Follow the angel...

Over The Hill - Clear Air Turbulence - Five Moons - Money Lender - Angelo Manchenio -
This Is The Way - Goodhand Liza

This is Ian Gillan Band's second album, released in 1977, but in a radically different form. This CD contains the original "Rockfield" mixes before Ian Gillan remixed them for the first issue(on Island)and the second issue(on Virgin).

The album, "Clear Air Turbulence", stands up remarkably well with age being a hybrid synthesis of jazz rock and funk, quite different from Gillan's rock histrionics in Deep Purple.

In this version of Gillan's Band we have Ray Fenwick, John Gustafson(ex-Big Three), Mark Nauseef and Colin Towns(now a highly successful TV and film score composer).

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