Mammoth XXXL

Mammoth - XXXL

Follow the angel...


White Mammoth On The M1 - Fatman - Dressed To Kill - All The Days - Can't Take The Hurt
Always And Forever - Do What You Want To - Working For The Man - Catcher In The Rye
Hope You Find It - Monster Mania

The brainchild of mighty bassman John McCoy (ex Gillan) Mammoth was without doubt the heaviest, biggest band in the world based on John's musicianship and songwriting talents and the vocal talents of Nicky Moore (ex-Samson).

This is their long-awaited second album which features some of the early songs from the original line-up with Kenny Cox on guitar. There are unreleased versions of several favourites and stunning new songs. In short, Mammoth is a monster.

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