The Gillan Tapes Vol 1

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Gillan - The Gillan Tapes Vol 1

Follow the angel...

Maelstrom - Bad News - Fiji - Take A Hold Of Yourself - Come Tomorrow - No Easy Way (Songwriting session)
No Easy Way - Are You Confident? - Are You Sure? - Don't Want The Truth - It Isn't Going To Die!*
Restless 1/Restless 2 - Higher And Higher - Smokin And Smowakin*  - Night Lights
Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)Mutually insured third party fire and theft - Because You Lied*

* previously unreleased

This album is compiled and annotated by John McCoy, the bald and bearded bassist with Gillan and producer of all the band's hit albums, from many hours of recording sessions.

The album features three previously unreleased tracks  while the remaining tracks have never been released before in this form.

Featured with Ian Gillan are John McCoy, Bernie Tormé, Colin Towns and Mick Underwood.

John McCoy,Bernie Torme,Ian Gillan,Mick Underwood,Colin Towns

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