Hadley,Norman & Keeble

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1. To Cut A Long Story Short 2. Highly Strung 3. Lifeline 4. I'll Fly For You 5. Save A Prayer
6. Communication 7. Motivator 8. Through The Barricades 9. Instinction
10. Only When You Leave 11. Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) 12. True
13. Gold 14. Hey Jealousy


In depth interviews with HADLEY,NORMAN & KEEBLE

History of the band

Interviews with fans at Pennington's

TONY HADLEY, STEVE NORMAN and JOHN KEEBLE shot to fame as SPANDAU BALLET with the Kemp brothers in the early 80's and led the "New Romantics" movement in the UK.

Hit single after Hit single followed and whilst "True" was number 1 in the singles chart during 1983 the band embarked on a "Spandau Ballet Over Britain" tour. This set the scene for Hadley, Norman & Keeble as playing live was what the core of the band was all about.  

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