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Angel Air releases consistently draw the following responses:

"..Honestly, some of these UK imports make some U.S. releases look like a joke. Angel Air's packaging convinces you, the purchaser, that you're getting something special, and you are.."

"As with all Angel Air releases ... comes with extensive liner notes and rare photos of the band..."

"...the album as a whole is a welcome addition for the avid collector and trust Angel Air to fill that gap"

"Angel Air are absolute experts in the field of unearthing a wealth of unheard music... With an excellent 12 page sleeve booklet and rare photos, this is the usual quality package from Angel Air, will want to have"

"Hats off to Angel Air for their comprehensive sleeve notes and interview which sets the scene and gives perspective to this release..."

"Angel Air has made this release special by adding quite a few bonuses....It is these extras that really make this album worth looking into...For any connoisseur of unsung rare-but-necessary additions to their collection, this is a must-have"

"...lovingly documented, as are all Angel Air releases.."

"An absolute delight from start to finish"

"Thanks to Angel Air a treasure trove of much sought after albums are now back on the shelves"

"A great gem of an album, released with the impeccable presentation that sets every Angel Air release apart from the crowd"


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