Not Live At The BBC

Last Train Home

FOGHAT Not Live At The BBC (SJPCD333)

I challenge any ageing blues rock fan to sit still while playing this; if you can sit still, you're either already dead or your audio system needs a complete rebuild. (May 2010) live recording that does exactly what it says on the tin... (May 2010)

...a smokin' set of classic rock and roll. (May 2010)


(Roger) Earl may not play with the energy of his younger days, but the influx of new blood serves this version of Foghat ... quite nicely. (May 2010) admirable set on this live for radio recording ... however many times you have the originals, you can't help but get carried away by quality of the performance. 3.5/5

Bill Leslie, (May 2010)


...a fine best of collection played with experience and feeling alike... (June 2010)


So many many highlights that start with 'Home in My Hand' and come to a magnificient finish with their anthem 'Slow Ride' with fantastic renditions of classics like 'Terraplane Blues'; 'Shake Your Money Maker' (There may be people listening to this radio show) and 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' (2nd version that's faster and gutsier) in between. Oh and you gotta love the long throbbin' 'Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie' a few loud listens too at the very least.

It's a no-brainer it get's top marks and in loving memory of Lonesome Dave Peverett & Rod (The Bottle) Price). 10/10

Glenn Milligan, (June 2010)


The band are laid back and in fine form, making for an altogether enjoyable listen.

Heavy fanzine, (June/July 2010)


...this is a CD that is a must have. That is the case for not only Foghat's legion of fans, but anyone with a love of hard-driving blues-rock who is curious to know what the fuss is about...

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (July 2010)


...energetic and raw, and the sound is excellent...has the Foghat chops fans are expecting... (September 2010)


...former Molly Hatchet stalwart Bryan Bassett effectively steals the show with some searing bursts of slide guitar wizardry.

Kevin Bryan, Kidderminster Shuttle (November 2010)


This album is a selection of originals and blues covers given the Foghat boogie treatment and it features a couple of notable bluesmen as guests including Lefty 'Sugar Lips' Lefkowitz (harmonica) and guitarist Eddie 'Bluesman' Kirkland. The band have been planning an album like this for many years and now its here I am sure their diehard fans will be delighted.

This is an album for those like me who like some blues rock now and then but donít want to listen to endless solos. Highlights include the band's take on a Otis Rush song, 'So Many Roads So Many Trains' and 'Needle And Spoon', which Savoy Brown did originally and the band that Foghat originated from. 'Shake Your Moneymaker' is another sure fire song set to have your feet stomping away. Easily the best version of this song I have heard outside of the original.

Good, solid, well played blues rock and hopefully this will get Foghat a bit more attention herein the UK. 4/5

Jason Ritchie, (December 2010)


...the first out and out blues album that they've ever recorded...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)


FOGHAT Last Train Home (SJPCD355)

...a purely blues album ... a good album by its own terms

Classic Rock Society (January 2011)


...very bright and energising blues performances...plenty of blues boogie and other related facets of the genre on warm, vibrant and fully committed versions of compositions by the likes of Otis Rush, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.

The Beat, (January 2011) all out, hard rockin' blues album, and damn fine it is too

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)


...a somewhat unlikely revival...a fitting tribute to Peverett.

Classic Rock magazine (March 2011)


...a somewhat unlikely revival...a fitting tribute to Peverett.

Classic Rock magazine (March 2011)


...classic blues-rock...just because you've got the blues it doesn't mean you can't have a good time.

R2 (March 2011)


...the first out and out blues album that they've ever recorded...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (March 2011)