One of Angel Air's most impressive, progressive sounding pop/rock albums of the last year... (May 2010)


Don't go expecting the Storys though as this is much more guitar led and many times reminded me of Dave Gilmour's solo albums, most notably for some of the jaw dropping guitar solos. Check out 'The Director's Cut' which features some wonderful guitar solos - never too hurried and flowing nicely throughout the album. 4.5/5

Jason Ritchie, (May 2010)


This is one helluva debut. Rob writes and records super smart, super melodic lush pop with wonderfully drifting mlodies that are absolutely incredible...(Top Pick) (June 2010)


If you're a fan of Rob Thompson's work in The Storys then you're definitely going to want to pick up a copy of Dust... (July 2010)


Like The Storys, it becomes more gripping the more attention you give it...

Maverick magazine (August 2010)


...wonderful evocative songs showcase not only his abilities as a lead singer but also his unique and widely acclaimed guitar playing skills...

Classic Rock Society (July 2010)


The singer/songwriter from Swansea in South Wales has delivered a beautiful album, Dust, which is crammed full of emotion and enough superbly crafted songs to leave you desperately seeking more...For once Dust is well worth collecting.

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (August 2010)


It's a quality creation: catchy, dramatically evoked and well performed...

Peter Muir, R2 (September 2010)