The 25th Anniversary of the Marquee Club

Do You Dream? UK Pop & Psychedelia 1965-1970

The Best Of Homegrown Music 1968-1980

This Is Progressive Rock

War Horses - Angel Air Rocks!

Hooked On Number Ones


VARIOUS The 25th Anniversary of the Marquee Club (NJPDVD632)

A great classic rock DVD with great performances and a nice history of the Marquee Club.


VARIOUS Do You Dream? UK Pop & Psychedelia 1965-1970 (SJPCD331)

Plundering the Angel Air archives for what, thanks to the label, aren't rarities anymore, it welcomes in a few previously unreleased tracks to tie up the loose fringe of the almost underground scene with quite a few family connections... (June 2010)


...half-forgotten gems that also benefit no end from the rather nifty eminently playable set which doesn't work on paper but sounds great to these ears.

Shindig magazine, (June 2010)


I dare you to listen to this CD without breaking into Austin Powers-style dancing...this is the real deal-authentic, groovy, trippy, dippy hippy music from the late 1960s from British bands... (July 2010) intriguing collection that brings together twenty one rare and classic pop and psychedelic nuggets recorded between the years of 1965 and 1970...a very solid overview of a particular period of music from the Angel Air archives...excellent introduction to what the folks over at Angel Air are all about. (July 2010)


...Angel Air has built a sturdy catalogue of lesser-known psych and 60s pop, from which this 21-track collection compiled by Stefan Granados is drawn...

Record Collector (July 2010)


Devotees of the obscure and unjustly overlooked should find much to entertain them in this fascinating new Angel Anthology...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (July 2010)


VARIOUS The Best Of Homegrown Music 1968-1980 (SJPCD340)

...if you don't have the Factory and Five Day Rain stuff already, go and grab this...

Shindig magazine (August 2010)


Angel Air Records, like they've done so often in the past, have done a bang up job putting together this compilation of long lost treasures...if you're a fan of somewhat obscure British classic and progressive rock, then this one is definitely worth checking out. (October 2010)


VARIOUS This Is Progressive Rock (SJPCD348)

Among the best known names here are Atomic Rooster ... and the Ian Gillan Band, whose Child In Time is a beautifully restrained version of a song Gillan first and most famously cut with Deep Purple.

Music Week (December 2010) also demonstrates, first and foremost, the progressive width of the label's scope (January 2011)


A suitably pretentious title for an anthology exploring the delights of prog-rock, drawing on extracts from some of the vast array of CDs that have been released by Angel Air over the years

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)


...a timely reminder of just what an excellent roster Angel Air have amassed... an impressive collection and one that contains more than a few welcome surprises of the highest order.

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)


...weirdly wonderful...all in all, this is a fab album for those who were oriuginally around and can remember, and those curious enough to give it a shot (February 2011)


... a huge collection of talent spanning the 14 year career of the Angel Air label, featuring artists like, Damage Control, Stray, Robin George, Notorious, Heavy Metal Kids, Gillan, British Lions, Bullet, Krokus, McCoy, Maggie Bell, Quatermass II, David Byron Band, Nobodyís Business, Gerry McAvoy Fandango and Freedom. Itís a great compilation that truly showcases some of the labels artists.

This CD is a great way to check out some long forgotten gems, and get a taste for what the label has to offer.

Well worth checking out! (January 2011)


...Carmen surprise with the bi-lingual Bulerias, which effortlessly syncs flamenco guitar and the sort of soaring Moog work you might recognise from a selection of sci-fi TV shows that aired in the early 70s...Seek it out, but give The Ian Gillan Band's run at Child In Time a miss.

Classic Rock magazine (May 2011)


VARIOUS ARTISTS War Horses - Angel Air Rocks! (SJPCD362)

Eclectic it may well be but 'War Horses' is all the better for it and as a starting place this is a perfect introduction to an excellent label.

Fireworks magazine (May 2011)

This compilation features lots of good stuff that Angel Air are now putting out or re-issuing; and although retro is a good sampler of some top musicians. 3/5

Mark Woodhead, (April 2011)

This is the second excellent compilation from Angel Air Records I've reviewed...this compilation takes in everything from Southern Fried Boogie, to proggy classic rock, poppy AOR and straight Heavy Metal...with a gloriously funky version of Free's 'Wishing Well' by the phenomenal vocal talents of Maggie Bell...things just keep getting better. (June 2011)


VARIOUS ARTISTS Hooked On Number Ones (SJPCD388)

When the focus is on the '60s or memories are cast even further back, like "Lovesick Blues" with Mike Berry's yodel, the artists involved apply their best interpretative skills, but there's not much zest in the latter stuff, so thankfully, the '80s output is boiled down to the opener "Uptown Girl", "Relax" and closer "Karma Chameleon" that slip out and into the "Hooked On Number 1's" theme delivered by the creme de la creme of session singers including Sue and Sunny, Tony Burrows and Vicki Brown. Her other half, Joe, shines on "Bad Moon Rising" yet fails to blow life into "Imagine" as marred by a homogenous rhythm track as is "Michelle" in which Lonnie Donegan's brilliantly repaying The Fabs all their admiration; the skiffle master's keening voice feels perfectly suited for this tune but, surprisingly, can't hold "Sailing" above the water he treads in his own "Puttin' On The Style". By the same token, MUNGO JERRY are inimitable when it comes to "In The Summertime", although they deliver "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" and "Sweets For My Sweets" just as infectiously.

...the real star of the show is an unknown vocalist, Bogdan Kominowski whose attack lends a new quality to "Maggie May", whereas GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS prefer to stay in the comfort zone of "How Do You Do It" - unlike THE FORTUNES updating "If You Leave Me Now" or MUD who throw away their saccharine for zippy harmonies of "Oh Boy" before exorcising all the sarcasm from "Out Of Time". But that's the emotion which gets in the way of dancing, a goal this album hits in style. ***

DME Music Site

It's fascinating to hear a familiar voice on a chorus or verse of a song that's not usually associated with that particular voice. The more unexpected examples include 'Michelle' and 'Sailing', performed by Lonnie Donegan; 'San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)' by Craig Douglas...

The Beat (March 2012)

...Featuring an all star cast, including original artists, and produced in 1984 by Geoff Morrow, the 100 track CD features snippets of songs everyone knows and loves and breaks it all down into four medleys.

On hand are much revered artists including members of The Fortunes, Mungo Jerry, Marmalade, Lonnie Donegan, Joe Brown, Helen Shapiro and more. As documented on previously released Angel Air titles - including CDs from Ammo and Butterscotch - Morrow's work in the pop field is never less than exemplary.

Touching on a hundred different tracks, it's all a bit karaoke, but nevertheless, Hooked On Number Ones makes for 65 minutes of nonstop listening fun.

MWE3.COM (April 2012)