Sound Of Poetry

MIKE READ Singles (SJPCD287)

Mike Read is most famously known for his stint as a Radio One DJ (and he still DJ’s to this day currently on the Big L radio station) and for banning Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’. He has also written numerous books, appeared on TV and written a stage show that didn’t do too well.

As if this didn’t keep him busy enough during the years he has recorded many singles under his own name and various guises such as the Trainspotters and Rock-olas, which are compiled here (although his top 40 hit of a few years ago as the Jungle Men isn’t on here).

Review by Jason Ritchie, (September 2008)

...the DJ's dalliance with rock 'n' roll stretches back to the ' can attribute any of the songs to some other artist... (November 2008)


The whole project has a certain charm to it and Read acquits himself well as a composer, complementing the Englishness of Betjeman's words. It's worth a try.

Nigel Filby, Diss Express (October 2008) incredibly ambitious and beautifully realized collection, not to mention one of those extraordinarily rare moments when pop sensibility and poetic beauty truly come unexpected joy

Dave Thompson, All Music Guide (November 2008)

Easy on the ear, but with less stress on the text than it could have's most alluring for the fans of the artists involved...Often generic, if very pleasant...A good gift for your loving one. (November 2008)

...more than enough good moments...make it a worthwhile investment

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (January 2009)