FAMILY The Best of Family & Friends CD/DVD (SJPCD264)

For folks who have never heard the band before, this is an excellent strating point...For Family fans, the DVD will probably be the reason to pick up this set. (March 2008) a new compilation confirms, it is difficult to pigeonhole Family into a category. Burlesque is a bluesy rocker, It's Only A Movie is a poppy nugget and My Friend The Sun is a gentle thing.

Steve Pumfrey, Leicester Mercury (February 2008)

...a solid enough collection of songs from this unique band...The DVD portion of this release is the most interesting part...16 tracks of enormously entertaining music...

Rock Advice ( ), March 2008

...although not career-spanning, Best Of ignores the band's earliest releases picking up the Family story with 'The Weaver's Answer', from the group's sophomore set. the british Top 10 charting Entertainment. All four of the band's British hit singles are included, with every one of the band's other albums represented within.

Between the grand music on the CD and the steaming show on the DVD, this Best Of more than lives up to its billing. (March 2008)

...the overall package is real value for money and the music is superb throughout.

Classic Rock Society, April 2008

Uncategorisable is the best word to categorise this band. Very English but with Americana in its core, from 1968 to 1973 Roger Chapman's ensemble moved from cozy yet spooky surroundings of "Music In A Doll's House" to the Western-like panorama of "It's Only A Movie" taking in every possible genre thread in-between. The title track of the latter album could be as fitting entry point to this collection as is funky "Burlesque" which hangs on another fine word to depict the FAMILY oeuvre.

Idiosyncratic most of it may be and Chappo's earth-splitting vibrato isn't to everyone's taste, yet all of this feels strangely alluring. In the absense of the debut LP's tracks, the folky buzz of "Larf And Sing" soothes the glide, while their greatest hit, "The Weaver's Answer", and the live rendition of "Strange Band" come as the most hard rocking beasts with a progressive twist in their hypnotic tales. This bunch of lads had no rivals when it came to flying off on a stylistic tangent, and flying away with them - there's a promise in the hooks of "Ready To Go" and "In My Own Time"- still looks like a riveting adventure.

But "Family & Friends" is a bit misleading title, as there's not a song from Roger Chapman's subsequent illustrious career - but this is made up for with a bonus DVD.

****4/5 (March 2008)

This single CD and DVD is excellent value for money...It's amazing just how good some of these songs sound four decades since the band's demise...Chapman fans will no doubt be pleased with this lovingly compiled set.

Neil Daniels, (March 2008)

The bleat may occasionally grind to a croak but Chappo can still abuse hecklers as effectively as he abuses his larynx.

Classic Rock (June 2008)

...Family's forceful personality springs eternal...

Uncut (June 2008) audio CD of Family's most popular numbers with a DVD...underline the enduring appeal of the quirkily memorable material that family created during their heyday in the early seventies.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (May 2008)

…a magnificent memorial to Family…a well-choen gathering of album cuts to remind us just what a phenomenal and phenomenally eclectic - outfit the band was.

Jo-Ann-Greene, Goldmine (May 2008)

The distinctive amalgamation of blues, progressive rock and folk-style instrumentation makes for an intriguing...sound

RocknReel (July/August 2008)

Melodic rock played by professionals, solid, classy and earthy enough to win some new fans if the time's taken to listen...

Amplifier, Issue 99

...the enduring appeal of the quirkily memorable material that Family created during their heyday in the early seventies...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser