Damned Anthems (2-CD) (SJPCD240)

Their sound is not unlike a more guitar led Mission/Icicle Works meets the Byrds with a big emphasis on harmonies and neat guitar riffs. They also do a good cover of 'Mr. Soul' penned by Neil Young and 'Rock 'N' Roll Woman'.

One definitely for fans of the band and if you missed them first time around grab this and their excellent debut album pronto. ****

Jason Ritchie, www.getreadytorock.com (August 2007)

The band's varied influences splay out in all directions on this two CD live set...The album is a potent reminder of what could have been...

Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide (September 2007)

The tapes may be ragged and the songs sometimes incomplete but it's impossible to deny John Butler and the lads knew too well how to engage the punters...

www.dmme.net (September 2007)

...good quality short catchy tunes, that really get the foot tapping. A good collection for fans, and anyone who appreciates a good tune.

Classic Rock Society (November 2007)