"Mixed Up Shook Up Girl The Solo Sessions 1977-1980 " (SJPCD227)

He's brilliant throughout, but Willie de Ville-penned title cut and evergreen "Young Blood" from the former category aren't as effervescent as "Say Hello (To Your Pretty Friend)" from the latter. It's all different anyway, so "Clown To The World" and smoothly orchestrated "Just One Smile", sung in warped crooning, Gene Pitney mode, sit snugly side by side with bubbly middle-of-the-road of "It Hurts To Be In Love" that bears Mike Hurst trademark.

Before him, Paul was lucky to work with another hit-making producer, Mike Batt, yet here's a genuine continuity in music, a rare example of sound-shapers working for the singer, not vice versa which speaks volumes about the artist.

...a short solo career retrospective and a long-overdue rediscovery of the great artiste - no pun intended! ****1/2


...cleaner and poppier than the Kursaals' sound, more Gene Pitney than pre-punk pub rock...

Maverick (September 2006)

Musically it's very typical of the period and bears comparison with other melodic pop rockers of the time such as B.A. Robertson although the Phil Spector style production employed on much of the material does give it a retro feel.

Classic Rock Society (September 2006)

Of the 16 tracks it's a travesty that 10 tracks never originally saw the light of day. If Gene Pitney had come from Scotland, this is the music he would have made.

Record Collector (October 2006)

Working with excellent musicians and two top notch producers, it still amazes that the singer never found success...Too lush and light for British tastes, Shuttleworth should have scuttled over to the States where he could have been not just a contender but a superstar

www.allmusic.com (October 2006)

He's brilliant throughout...a reare example of sound-shapers working for the singer, not vice versa which speaks volumes about the artist...a long overdue rediscovery...

www.dmme.net (October 2006)

..little has been known of him since his halcyon days of the mid-70s...This splendid anthology seeks to redress the balance...

Kevin Bryan, Hartlepool Mail (April 2007)