"Don't Blame Me...I Just Play Bass" (SJPCD154)

Good rock that doesn't tax you too much, and has some decent tunes too.

Issued outside the USA here for the first time and welcome too.

'Good Night The Sun' is a perfect summer evening song with a great bass line, and the saxophone on 'In My Eyes' is a nice touch.

'Run The River' is more uptempo, and with the horns is catchy with a big band pop feel to the smooth rock.

Extensive sleeve notes and a discography too - he's done a lot of session work outside of Foghat.4/5

www.getreadytorock.com ( June 2006)

...the emphasis firmly on the quality of the songwriting and the uniformly excellent musicianship and the end result is a fine piece of work which proves that Tony Stevens has much more in his locker than blues rock

Classic Rock Society (September 2006)

It's simple, soft stadium rock that verges on easy listening, though it maintains a laddish touch that allows for plenty of air guitar...

Record Collector (October 2006)

The musicianship is superb, and the unassuming Stevens, who co-aranged and co-produced the set, never highlights himself but prefers to showcase everyone's efforts. In the Costa de Bravo discos, this could be a winner, while there's more than enough stellar axe work to pull in the rock punters as well

www.allmusic.com (October 2006)

Real master equals 'great musician' as opposed to 'class player' here. And it's not something to be blamed for.

www.dmme.net (October 2006)