"Ace" (SJPCD154)

...this album is a real gem and I am sure would have done well if released back in 1989 - the grunge revolution that killed off many an 80's band didn't really kink in until 1992 onwards.

Vocally this is one of Dee Snider's best as he drops a lot of the TS style screams for a much mellower yet still powerful vocal style, such as 'No Angels Here'. Opener 'Hang 'Em High' starts acoustically before the kicking in with some crashing guitar riffs. This is the sort of western themed tune Bon Jovi strives for but never quite succeeds at.

Elsewhere Torme plays up a storm, none more so than on the hard rocking 'Emaheevuil' (since recorded by Snider in his other projects). Burr and Russell form a very tight rhythm section and it is a real shame that this band only ever played one live gig.

Many older albums released in the past few years claim to be 'lost gems' but more often than not they deserve to remain lost! But Desperado is one of the few that deserves a full release plus you get good sleeve notes and interviews with Snider and Torme. ***

www.getreadytorock.com ( June 2006)

Heavy, raw rock music, with enough sublety, excellent melodies and great musicianship...It's incredible that a record company would shelve this...At least the always-exciting Angel Air label is putting the record straight by making this sole Desperado album available at last.

www.prog-nose.org (July 2006)

Without a doubt, it is a very strong record which should have been released back then, but nevertheless it is a good thing to see it released after all. It does not sound dated at all, because songs like 'Heart is a lonely hunter', 'Calling for you', 'See you at sunrise', 'Made for trouble' and 'Ride thru the storm' (fantastic!!!) are all very sensational Melodic American Hardrocksongs in the best late 80s style.

The extensive liner notes and perfect sound quality make this a release worth checking out for sure. (8.5/10)

Strutter'zine http://www.strutter.8m.com (August 2006)

...this is all in all just fine hard rock. Many of the tracks have a distinct TWISTED SISTER feeling, and most agree that DEE was that band in many ways...This is an album I would have bought in 1990, in spite of two less inspiring tracks, had the record company only released it!

Mikael Johansson, www.metal-only.com (August 2006)

On a few rare moments on this recording, particularly the relatively long instrumental conclusion of "See You At Sunrise," the band in fact manages to suggest early Iron Maiden with its raw attitude and juvenile spark. This adds up to the band's energized performance and good songwriting, making this release commendable, at least as far as '80s pop metal goes.

The album sees the light of day on Angel Air and Cleopatra's Deadline Music concurrently. While both releases deliver the same musical portion, the Angel Air release is the one to look for, as, like most of the label's other releases, it features detailed liner notes whereas the Cleopatra release has none (except for the bare essentials - track list and personnel). (7.7/10)

http://maelstrom.nu/ezine/review_iss47_3354.php (August 2006)

After his precisely sculpted though poorly-received swansong Love Is For Suckers - originally intended as a Snider solo disc - Snider was keen to kick up a storm again. In Torme...he found the ideal partner...Ace is a reminder of what might have been, and it ain't half bad

Classic Rock (Summer 2006)

...the arrangements cleverly work for the melodies, and the tunes are top-notch here so the songs could grace the MTV, as "Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" is one of those ballads that has a timeless quality about them, if only for a couple of sentimental cliches thrown in. Sometimes cliches are good, the closing rousing hurricane blues that's "Emaheevull" the finest proof. In the end it's the fun that all the desperados have. ****1/2


Everybody in the band brings their own style, with Torme's distinctive blues rock sounding guitar and Burr's drums at the heart. Lots of decent songs along with interesting sleeve notes, it's a shame it missed out on an earlier reissue

Classic Rock Society (September 2006)