"The Perennial Enigma" (SJPCD224)

Pete Miller, aka Big Boy Pete, was famed for recording rock'n'roll and psychedelia solo and with other projects (Peter Jay & Jaywalkers et al). This solo album was recorded in the early 70s and remained unreleased until now. 

Handling the guitar and vocals, and featuring both upright and fender bass, it's a good if rather dated pop album. The rock'n'roll, even its rockabilly touches, pop et al all lean to 60's psychedelic pop... Of interest to fans, especially with the packing featuring extensive notes and a discography. ***

www.getreadytorock.com ( April 2006)

Served with lots of humor and moderate jams, the mischievous songs that are found here appeal in their underground nature, as they are basically four - and eight-track selections culled from Miller's first U.S. recordings in the early '70s; as such they manage to evoke engaging, vintage charm in spite of being rather basic rock songs that mix power psychedelia with reggae and early rock and roll ala Elvis.

The people at Angel Air did a wonderful job supplying us these recordings in authentic sound and with an impressive booklet. (6.5/10)

Maelstrom (June 2006)

Brilliant stuff from a fellow who has always stuck to his principals and believes in the music he makes.

www.lancerecords.com (June 2006)

...first of what could be a great many albums if Pete decides to release all that he recorded but not released...Musically this sounds like an album that was recorded in the Seventies but with many throwbacks to the Sixties

Feedback (July 2006)