"Dan The Banjo Man" (SJPCD191)

..there are sparks to be found

www.maelstrom.nu (August 2005)


..hugely entertaining and highly melodic curio

Classic Rock Society (September 2005)

The Banjo Man juggles styles and moods like an acrobat, refashioning golden oldies with such creativity that one can't help but stand back in amazement, and the originals are just as mouth-watering...A welcome return for a spectacular album that hasn't dated in the least, growing only more magnificent with age.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (November 11, 2005)

...the whole of the album is all about fuzzed distorted guitars...and it is actually quite listenable...Very Seventies, in fact very very Seventies...

Feedback (November 2005)