"C.U." (SJPCD180)

Jan should need no introduction as the guitarist from Dutch band Focus. He is also one of the most innovative guitarists, ever...

His first album in four years, this is experimental, showcasing his guitar skills and range of guitars over some dance rhythms...

...the guitar work is excellent. Some very interesting tunes and rhythms come from Jan’s hands.

An interesting and largely enjoyable set. But when Jan goes back and makes a hard rock album I will be very very happy. ***1/2

Joe Geesin, www.getreadytotock.com (June 2004)

It's an instrumental album with a proficient if uneven mix of house, Latin and dance grooves all topped off with the Dutchman's cultured guitar style

Grant Moon, Classic Rock (July 2004)

...his best for years. containing some fine, restrained playing...

Choice (July 2004)

...Here is an album that shows why Jan does not have to rekindle music from the past...Jan eases the guitar on top of some funky mixes and dance beats too that makes great listening...an instrumental pleasure...

Martin Hudson, Classic Rock Society (August 2004)

...If you're inclined to kick back and get all loungey, jazzy, dare we say funky, then you'll be more than pleased...All very, er, groovy.

Tim Jones, Record Collector (August 2004)

This isn't a rock album, mixing together soul, dance and jazz...

Feedback (September 2004)


The former Focus focal-point’s first solo album in four years, nine songs that round up a handful already long-established in the guitarist’s solo set.  An extraordinary collection pinned down by Akkerman’s ever-fluid playing, it may all be a long way from the yodelling of “Hocus Pocus.”  But it could still, in Akkerman’s own words, “give a horse the hiccups.”

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (July 2004)