"Run Ragged" (SJPCD150)

This absolute masterpiece has finally found a home at Angel Air…no other label is currently doing abetter job at keeping alive the best of classic hard rock/heavy metal…'Run Ragged' is the ultimate comeback from one of the finest NWOBHM bands of all time…pure sonic aggression from start to finish…

www.metal-gods.net (July 2003)

Recorded in 2002 "Run Ragged" is a fine album bursting with classic heavy metal style choruses and riffs that makes me think of bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon etc. The production is superb and the album just clicks from start to finish.

...At this rate Jaguar have the potential to ignite some spark to the dried up UK metal scene, and need some serious backing and promotion on this release, if a band like The Darkness can break through, then why not Jaguar? Songs like the stomping 'Living Hell', the riff soaked 'Gulf War Syndrome', the melodic charms of 'Nailed', through to 'Stray' , the Judas Priest like 'This Is Your Life', 'My Weakness' and the almost commercial appeal of the Iron Maiden influenced 'Eighties' are all hugely enjoyable and fun to listen to, thus "Run Ragged" is a breath of fresh air and an album well worth buying.

Nicky Baldrian, www.aordreamzones.com

From the off you just know this is going to be a good album as Run Ragged bounds out of your speakers. It is very heavy speed metal and fans of classic Metallica (drummer Lars Ulrich is a fan) and early Maiden are in for a treat. No chance to catch your breath at all as No Change Given and Feng Shuicontinue the aural bombardment. Vocalist Jamie Menton suits the music well and reaches Bruce Dickinson style high pitched screams at times. For some severe guitar shredding try Living Hell, which also cranks up the bass nicely. Not a ballad in sight!

Good to see an older band still cranking out good metal tunes and in the current climate could make a comeback. A definite must for speed metal fans!

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK! (July 2003)

...with ‘Run Ragged’ the band has turned back the clock to the early 1980s. Songs like “Run Ragged”, “No Chance Given”, “Nailed”, “Eighties” etc. are high class NWOBHM orientated songs. If you’re a fan of SAXON, early TOPT, early JAGUAR, very early DEF LEPPARD, GRAVE DIGGER etc. then this new JAGUAR album is a total must for you to have!

Strutter Magazine (July 2003)

Dust off the denims and enjoy once more the guitar-driven metal of Jaguar

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (August 2003)

Breakneck speed riffing collides with thunderous drumming and creates a maelstrom of sound over which the vocals are delivered in typical Heavy Metal fashion and the end result is a powerful album which should please Jaguar fans as well as devotees of the more extreme factions of Metal.

Classic Rock Society (August 2003)

The tittle track opens up the proceedings, "Run Ragged" thunders with might and Nathan is probably their best drummer ever. It's a song with a firm spot in the JAGUAR tradition, the melodic metal that is. "Feng Shui" is on the other hand a song in the modern JAGUAR tradition. The title breathes "Wake Me" from 2000. Several tracks e.g. "As the Crow Flies", "Gulf War Syndrome" and "Stray" follow the ultimate path of the JAGUAR - fast and on the border between punk and speed. When they speed it up, take a slower break and then speed it up again, well then there's an air of "Axe Crazy" and things don't get any better! The whole album is heavy, proto-speed and rather modern but is still a fine example of a NWOBHM-band that's firmly rooted in the present without forgetting the past.

Though JAGUAR was ahead of their time back in the eighties, at least until "This Time" popped up... Then the problem was an entire album, now it's a song that's the problem. The aptly titled "My Weakness" sounds like the worse moments of "Wake Me". Otherwise this disc will please everyone, those who have followed the band as well as those who discovered them lately.

Mikael Johnssen, SR magazine, Sweden (September 2003)

...the perfect and perfectly faint air of sophistication that makes the band valid today...No one can touch this, not Raven, Saxon, Maiden...

Hard Reviews 2, www.hardradio.com (September 2003)

Good guitary gracious, Jaguar has got to be the most uncompromising flag-bearers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, unapologetically asking for nor seeking any update of their punky speed metal sound, one that is actually best described as melodic thrash, but nowhere in the same postal code as what that term means today. The band's blurry, boozy strengths are many. The coagulated riffs and gutter-proud guitar tones are part of it, but the main key is vocalist Jamie Manton, whose voice is classic, powerful, metal godly NWOBHM personified, the guy's vocal melodies just slightly ironic and self-aware, the lyrics mature and not cheesy in the least. Amazing, very old school double bass madness with the perfect and perfectly faint air of sophistication that makes the band valid today, despite such underground ground and sound swells. Strange, but you listen to 'No Change Given' and you can hear what Dickinson is trying to find (less successfully than Jaguar), this fine line between cleverness and stupidity. No one can touch this, not Raven, Saxon, Maiden... maybe Savage (and others like Holocaust, Motorhead and Venom and Savage aren't really trying). (8/10)

Martin Popoff, www.bravewords.com

This is in your face power metal, NWOBHM played at speed.

Feedback (Nov 2003)

...no matter how loud you like your big cats to roar, Jaguar...will not let you down

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine(Oct 2003)

...some excellent speed metal...this NWOBHM band are well tight with some great guitaring and a frantic rhythm section going great guns.

Modern Dance (March 2004)