"HJP And The Amigos" (SJPCD144)

Hunter style mock Cockney vocals…and memorable power Pop with Punk overtones and the end result is a fine album which deserves a large audience.

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society (July 2003)

…many of the songs on here would not sound out of place on a (Ian) Hunter or even on a Mott album…This is an interesting album that shows that even 26 years after his first single Honest John still has a lot to offer a new audience, particularly if that audience is partial to Ian Hunter-style material.

Kevin Rowland, ghostland.com (June 2003)

...if straight-to-hell rock 'n' roll is to your taste (and it jolly well ought to be), Honest John Plain & Amigos will certainly be to your taste.

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine(July 2003)