Live Crows 1972-1973

Radio Sessions 1969-72

"Live In Montreux 1972" (SJPCD116)

This live recording, taken from the personal archives of vocalist Maggie Bell, catches Stone the Crows at the height of their powers…This phenomenal band were one of the best British Blues Rock groups of the era and this wonderful live recording captures them in all their glory and is an indispensable piece of Rock history…

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society (June 2002)

…the vibe that emanates from these brain-scorching fifty-plus minutes provides enough joy for any fan of mind-expanding, psychedelic blues-rock fever.

Jeff Monk, Mohair Sweets (June 2002)

…the protracted playing time was another sign of the times back then. No band worth their bell bottoms would bring in a number under six minutes long…It takes some staying power to see this all the way through but it's worth the effort.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Daily Times (July 27 2002)

Progressive Rock rules OK, well it did back when this album came out and this is a shining example of the art…I have to say this is an exceptional piece of work, a lot of it sounds like jamming, especially on the twenty-one minute cover of Bob Dylan's Hollis Brown. Leslie (Harvey) was a master of what he did and was a sad loss, but I am elated that this album has finally seeen the light of day, it's outstanding.

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (January 2003)

Crows fans will clamour for this set…Thank you Angel Air for uncovering this gem.

Blues Matters (May 2003)

Live Crows 1972-1973 (SJPCD272)

Montreux Festival has always been a place for many a great performance, and this one is no exclusion, having caught this magnificient British quintet at their deliciously rawest. Nobody knew then that by May Leslie Harvey, whose thick guitar slices drive this concert on, would be gone for ever. If not for the fatal electrocution, he may well have turned into a player of much large calibre. Harvey's mastery of the instrument shines in "Love", the band opting for the set comprised of material from the "Ode To John Law" album, more familiar to the audience than songs from the current "Teenage Licks". (July 2008)

They're firing on all cylinders, and play with lots of light and shade...

Alan Egerton, Classic Rock Society (August 2008)

Formed in Glasgow in 1969 Stone The Crows were fronted by Maggie Bell, playing blues rock they were mentored by Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant and released 4 albums before splitting up in 1972.

This live CD/DVD set features 2 gigs- the first recorded in Montreux in 1972 and featuring guitarist Leslie Harvey who was electrocuted during a sound check just weeks later. The 5 songs here weighing in at a shade under an hour, these include 'Friends', 'Penicillin Blues' and the Bob Dylan penned 'Hollis Brown'.

The DVD comes from 1973 and was recorded for Germanys Beat Workshop, tracks here include 'Going Down', 'Sunset Cowboy' and 'Good Time Girl'.

Extras on the DVD include interviews with band members Maggie Bell and Colin Allen, and a history of the band. ***

Nikk Gunns, (August 2008)

Audio surprisingly for 30+ years old material is good...

Amplifier, Issue 99


...a taste of the clatter and intensity of the Glaswegian combo in full flight...a characteristically smouldering blend of blues-fuelled rocking...

Steve Caseman, RocknReel (October 2008)


STONE THE CROWS Radio Sessions 1969-72 (SJPCD299)

For gutsy blues music you'll need to go a long way to hear someone better than Stone The Crows

Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (May 2009)

...these 19 tracks come together as the fullest collection spanning the whole of the Glaswegian finest's existence and presenting each of their line-ups. ***** (June 2009)

This 2 CD set brings together all the band's radio sessions from different shows...

Classic Rock Society (June 2009)

There isn't one ounce of filler to be found anywhere on these two discs...

Ryan Sparks, Classic Rock Revisted (June 2009)

This 2 CD collection contains a number of radio sessions throughout the band's career, with disc 1 covering 1969-'70 and disc 2 1971- '72. As you would expect from a collection like this, there are a couple of tracks that are repeated but this takes nothing away from the quality of the performances.

The CD's accompanying booklet contains comprehensive notes from the bandís drummer Colin Allen. ****/5

Nikk Gunns, (June 2009)

...brings together all the extant radio sessions...Fine performances of songs such as 'Penicillin Blues', 'On the Highway' and 'Raining In Your Heart' are given an airing alongside a typically muscular cover of Dylan's 'Ballad Of Hollis Brown'.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (July 2009)

The first CD and the first tracks on the second are the prime exhibits here, featuring the band's original lineup. (October 2009)