"Live Sheffield 1983" (SJPCD115)

…if you are looking for howling, screeching power guitar it's worth thinking about…With this album being recorded live you get the feeling of being in the audience…

Alistair Flynn, Wondrous Stories (May 2002)

…an exciting blend of Bernie's usual guitar pyrotechniques and vocal prowess

Preview (April 2002)

When you buy a Bernie Torme live CD, you know you're in for heavy, no-nonsense music…play it loud!

Het Paarste News, June 15 2002

The highlight for me is the superb version of 'No Easy Way'. Bernie plays the guitar flat out, not only maintaining the melody but also utilising feedback, fills and any other form of improvisation that he can come up with…While he has obviously been influenced by Hendrix, Bernie really is a showstopper in his own right and has a truly distinctive sound…if you love rock guitar then you have to get this.

Feedback (June 2002)

Thirteen thunderous tracks catch Irish maestro Bernie Torme during his first solo tour...Sound quality is excellent, and the performance is as dramatic as it is dynamic - guitar freaks will not want to miss track 10, 'Bernie's Guitar Extravaganza'

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (June 2002)

Mixing punk and hard rock, Torme was often (rightly) hailed as the most explosive guitarist since Jimi Hendrix. Listen to some of the solos here and you can hear the evidence...If you've only a passing interest in Torme, Gillan or Ozzy, this is well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (August 2002)

…the Irish guitarist mixes punk rock rhythm playing and hard rock histrionics in his solos.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Daily Times (July 27 2002)

...as usual it's a fabulous conceert, plenty of screaming guitar...and yet another audience satisfied...now thanks to this 74 minute CD you can replay the night anytime you want and give the air guitar a real bashing. Bliss man bliss.

Modern Dance, (Issue 41 November 2002)

Good music, with a powerful edge and above average sound mixing to it. Over seventy full minutes of 'as-you-were-there' hard driving rock that will leave no true HR fan disappointed…Play this CD…..L-O-U-D!!

Mike Reed, Banzai (February 2003)

Guitarist BERNIE TORME is best known as GILLAN member, but he also released some solo-albums, of which this live-album is one of them. The included music is not really straight Hard Rock, more a heavier version of 60s Rock (a la THE STONES, THE WHO and THE STOOGES), with occasionally a more Hard Rock inspired song (“Turn out the lights” and “No easy way”).

If you count THE ROLLING STONES or HANOI ROCKS to your favourite bands, then this TORME might be right up your alley, because this is the same kind of Sleazy 60s Rock’n’roll. The sound quality isn’t that good, but I guess TORME fans can easily check out this live album. (7/10)

Strutter magazine (August 2003)