"Air Sample" (SJPCDSIN501)

As Angel Air are at pains to point out in their press release most labels wait to become established until they plunder their back catalogue, but not them. With their first release coming out as long ago as February (97), they have now issued their first sampler, which should be retailing at £4.99 or less. There is a song taken from each album, with details of that release and a picture of the cover. Of most interest to me was "Restless 1", taken from "The Gillan Tapes". This is an album compiled by John McCoy and features either new versions, or unreleased songs.

Angel Air Records are reissuing some prime material, and the sampler shows just what a good job they are doing.

Fifteen cuts for under a fiver, can't be bad.


Angel Air shouldn’t be a new name to one or two of the regular readers amongst you. Bands and artists such s Gillan, John Gustafson, Tee Set, Steve Hyams, Musicians Union Band, The Pirates, Route 66 and Ray Fenwick have all had more than the odd tasty album out on Angel Air and the label’s only just kind of started.

This sampler album (at a damn cheap price) contains at least one track from at least one of the above. Inside the CD booklet there’s more details about the releases (the cover of this sampler is to be fetished by guitar lovers world wide!) At around a fiver you couldn’t do much worse cos this isn’t just a ltd. edition. It also, not surprisingly, contains some cracking music. (Dave W)

"The Modern Dance" Issue 24