Live Tonite...Plus

Irish Boy

Lonely Nights in London

"Live Tonite...Plus" (SJPCD084)

A classic blues album...Bell is undoubtedly an outstanding guitarist, whose smooth playing gives a lilt to his music that hints at traditional Irish music without being it....Recommended to Thin Lizzy completists and lovers of good blues

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories (April 2001)


Most of the songs of Eric's live set are rhythm and blues standards which showcase Eric's excellent guitar work....the best track of the lot is possibly the final track, a stunning version of Van Morrison's "Gloria" which was a hit for Them, while Eric was a member...real class blues rock....If you like your blues played with style and emotion, I would advise you to seek this album out and give it a listen. You won't be disappointed

Frank Blades, Rockhaven (April 2001)


Fabulous playing and surprisingly strong singing make this a pleasurable experience...The sleeve note proudly places Bell in the front rank of Irish guitarists...only a fool would argue with that assertion

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (May 2001)


...celebrated as a top blues guitarist, this live performance was captured on his '96 tour

Norfolk Suffolk Preview


...The feeling is one of smoky bar intimacy, with Bell and his backing duo running through a number of standards to warm reception...Buddy Guy's "Hold That Plane" is supremely rendered and a couple of 'Lizzy knocks include nearly 10 minutes of fuzz-laden "Whiskey In the Jar"...Solid.

Record Collector, (June 2001)


...adds three tracks to a 1996 CD by ex-Thin Lizzy guitar ace Eric Bell whose spendidly raunchy and imaginative.

Blueprint (August 2001)


...A fully functioning blues-rock set recorded live in Sweden during the mid-1990s...The sound quality is delightful - his guitar, fully to the fore, has lost none of the clarity and distinction that graced those first Lizzy albums...Add a well-annotated/illustrated eight-page color booklet and the entire package is a delight.

Jo Ann-Greene, Goldmine, (June 2001)


…Eric remains a bluesy guitarist par excellence, and this fine live set boasts covers of everything from Muddy Waters 'Baby Please Don't Go' to Van Morrison's 'Madame George', as well as Lizzy's 'The Rocker' and 'Whiskey In The Jar.'

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph (June 2003)


...shows the sheer class of Eric's blues playing but also his damn fine voice.

Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (February 2009) excellent live album by the pioneer of the Thin Lizzy guitar sound.

Classic Rock Society (May 2009) excellent reissue that puts you front and center at one of Eric's concerts in Sweden circa 1996...this set proves that he's one of the most articulate and soulful guitar players on the planet... (April 2009) understated but not unattractive set of lean blues-rock...

Steve Caseman, R2 (RocknReel) (May 2009)


...there's much to enjoy...and revalue the veteran's talent. ****1/4 (June 2009)

Irish Boy (SJPCD255)

Of definite interest to fans of early Thin Lizzy and those who like a slow, blues rock style of playing and songs. An album certainly worthy of a proper release all these years later. ***1/2

Jason Ritchie, (January 2008)

...combines traditional Irish themes with a commercial blues album that's easy to listen to and highlights what a good guitarist Bell is.***

Nigel Filby, Diss Express


...a collection of blues rock numbers but manages to be quite mellow and reflective...

Classic Rock Society

The depth of this album reveals itself slowly but the process is rewarding and much enjoyable.

Let It Rock,


Its reflective blues-rock fell is infused with a pervasive Celtic approach that's nourished by some loquacious imagery

The Beat

...the album..has tremendous variety, various songs including elements of reggae, pop, jazz and Irish traditional music as well as blues.

Irish News (February 2008)

Bell's guitar is the centerpiece for this set, but Williams and Golden's beautifully understated work throughout provides the fulcrum for this fabulous set.

All Music (March 2008)

The variety is impressive...Bell's guitar playing is ever apposite, uncliched and perfectly judged

Trevor Hodgett, Blues In Britain (March 2008)

...a whole host of disparate musical influences...a package which should be on the shopping list of every discerning rock fan...

Kevin Bryan, Mid-Sussex Chronicle (March 2008)

...his signature sound lives on every time you hear 'Whiskey In The Jar' and the 12 tracks here prove that it was worth a lot more than that, as well.

Goldmine, March 28 2008 outstanding collection.

RocknReel, (April/May 2008)

Blues Rock...Worth a listen.

Feedback (April 2008)

Lonely Nights in London (SJPCD316)

...there's no denying the appeal in some stunning blues rock licks...

Properganda (April 2010)


Drenched in honest blues, trademark melodies, and solid songwriting the album is well worth the 12 year wait.

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (April 2010)


There's a fantastic live off the floor feeling to this recording...if you want to experience a seasoned musician who has not only gotten better with age, but one who pours his very heart and soul into every carefully selected note then pick up Lonely Nights In London because you will not be disappointed.

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (April 2010)


A warm and cosy record to keep you company when you're lonesome. 4/5 (April 2010)


There's a fantastic live off the floor feeling to this recording (May 2010)

...a nice greeting card from a player who still wants to be hoochie-koochie man long after his original band is a fond memory. (May 2010)


This is mature playing by a musician who has paid his dues. If you love blues guitar the content is worth the cover price. (May 2010)


...haunting melodies and gripping guitar playing throughout...

Classic Rock Society (July 2010)


...a typically solid and unpretentious piece of work in a commercial blues vein...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)


...while I generally like my blues a bit rawer, there's definitely beauty to be found in these humble, easy going numbers - over half of these is original Bell material ("Me and Technology," for example, cleverly unfolds his alienation from the modern world), and the man's slow hand is attractive in its honesty as well as in the occasional twist thrown in (check out the guitar curiosities decorating the main lines of "You're My Only Woman").

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