"Relativity" (SJPCD081)

...the band's last album, released in 1992...is quite a mixed batch of songs. Listening to the opening two songs...and you would label the band as Seventies rockers with a bluesy voclaist, not too far from the sound Whitesnake had...But don't think this is purely a bluesy influenced hard rock album. As early as the third track...the guys show their Celtic roots...Mama's Boys were always more of a force live than in the studio...The bonus tracks...were recorded during the band's European tour in the winter of 1990. Excellent stuff!

Rockhaven (February 2001)

...a heavy rock band but with Irish musical influences...Mike Wilson's vocals are a much grittier affair, reminiscent in places of the great Paul Rodgers...my favourite track is ...'Rescue Me' which is a superb ballad that Foreigner/Bad Company would have been proud of...This CD is much better than I was expecting, and  am amazed that it was not released properly in 1992, you can hear the Quality oozing from the speakers!

Jilly's Rock World (March 2001)

Mama's Boys were an out and out rock outfit in the mould of Foreigner...Anyone expecting to hear the folk/Celtic roots of Celtus will be disappointed although the sounds which later influenced the Celtus recordings are not always that deeply hidden...The combination of these more ethnic instruments with the more traditional power rock chords work superbly well...enjoy this CD for what it is, a superb slice of brilliantly performed, superbly produced classic rock

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (April 2001)

A bumper crop of amenable AOR, melodic rock and a bit of Oirish jiggery-pokery thrown in...the five bonus live tracks are a reminder of the Boys' prowess on stage

Record Collector, April 2001

...comes with five bonus tracks, plus informative sleeve notes

Norfolk Suffolk Preview

Recorded in 1992 and still sounding fresh today this fine release reveals just how good the McManus brothers and singer Mike Wilson were at producing sling singalong hard rock.

Bristling with Coverdale-esque bluesy beats the music is melodic yet muscle-bound. This excellent CD contains 18 tracks, including five bonus numbers making it a particularly good buy.

Hartlepool Mail, June 2001

...A thunderous treat for fans of the Irish end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal...

Jo Ann-Greene, Goldmine, (June 2001)

The album, which was never released in the USA, featured another frontman, vocalist Mike Wilson…Ballads like 'Don't Look Back in Anger' and the sedate acoustic openings found on songs like 'Cardboard City' display a more mature sounding band…As an added bonus, this reissue features five live tracks from the Relativity period.

Chris Dugan, Metal Dreams #6