"'Igginbottom's Wrench" (SJPCD064)

...a dazzling album with a depth and musicality that is quite awesome...

Colin Bell, On The Record (May 2000)

Built around the intricate and absorbing twin guitar work of Holdsworth and Robinson, this is a rather strange album...Definite progressive rock leanings can be determined...an interesting fusion progress nevertheless

Feedback (June 2000)

...tramples all over the likes of early Yes and Genesis...the unusual song structures and generous length solos shows our guitar hero (Holdsworth) harmonically advanced and possessing a scary legato technique

Jazzwise (June 2000)

...Eight short-ish tracks plus an off-the-wall cover of the Mamas and Papas 'Californian Dreamin' and the closing, ten-minute 'The Donkey' ofer ample evidence of (Allan Holdsworth's) skills

Classic Rock (June 2000)

A British band who were one of the first to attempt to cross jazz with rock...The jazz is very much to the fore...

Feedback (June 2000)

...Tough guitar-led jazz-rock, very classy, very smart.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (July 2000)

"a masterful mix of progressive rock and jazz"

Hartlepool Mail (November 2000)

" ...one of the pioneering jazz-fusion bands of the late 1960s...a classy collection of Canterbury rock jazz-fusion. The sound is Sixties, but somewhat timeless, as relevant now as it was then."

Rockhaven(February 2001)

Holdsworth was a technically awesome guitarist even at this early stage of his career...This is where he began and as such it's of interest to jazz buffs.

Zabadak, No.18

…a performance of rare subtlety, charm and invention

Keith Bryan, Stirling News (February 2003)